10 reasons to spend your holidays in Brittany this summer

Trip to southern Brittany on the island of Houat

In a very objective way (or almost), Brittany is without doubt one of the most beautiful regions of France. If this destination is known for its beaches, its folklore, and its art of living, it has many other assets! Find out how to spend a great holiday in Brittany this summer!

The diversity of its landscapes, its history and culture, the know-how of its craftsmen and producers, its gastronomy and the warm welcome of its inhabitants make it an ideal destination in summer for holidays with family, in pair or friends.

So why go on holiday this summer in Brittany? Here are 10 good reasons according to Bretagne Autrement :

1. For its beaches and paradise islands

Holidays in Finistère and tour to the Glénan Islands
Paradise beach on the Glénan archipelago

Do you dream of beautiful beaches with fine sand and translucent water? Did you know that Brittany has no less than 797 islands and islets along its coastline, including 12 inhabited islands! And these Breton islands offer surprising landscapes that take you to the Caribbean, the Seychelles or Ireland! One of the best known is undoubtedly Belle-ile-en-mer, made famous by the famous song by Laurent Voulzy.

So why go further afield when you have everything nearby! Leave your car at the port, get on a sailing boat (for a more responsible tourism!), and discover the wild and paradisiacal Breton islands thanks to our local and authentic experiences!

2. For the richness and diversity of its landscapes

Megalithic site of Monteneuf en Broceliande
Megalithic site of Monteneuf in Brocéliande

Brittany is an ideal destination for your next tailor-made holiday in France. The region, known for its Bigoudens, offers a wide choice of local and authentic visits in a multitude of different landscapes! Whether you are a seaside or a small country village, there is something for everyone because Brittany is :

  • 3,000 km of coastline: the largest in France
  • 380,000 hectares of forest and as many legends!
  • and no less than 9 major cycle routes and greenways that criss-cross the territory from north to south and from east to west for green tourism.

It is also the Canal de Nantes à Brest, or its small mountains, the Monts d’Arrée, and its wild landscapes, for a change of scene off the beaten track. “Who hasn’t seen the Monts d’Arrée, hasn’t seen everything of Brittany”!

As you can see, the region offers an extraordinary wealth and diversity of landscapes!

3. For its delicious gastronomy

Breton pancake in Rennes
Breton Galette in Rennes

It is also the destination where it is better not to be on a diet! From the Breton pancake to the Kouing Amann, butter is part of almost every meal and it is very difficult to resist it! Rest assured, Brittany also grows many “Breton” fruits and vegetables such as artichokes, Paimpol coconuts, Roscoff onions, etc. The Breton coasts are not to be outdone, with a wide variety of fish and seafood (oysters, mussels, scallops, etc.) to delight your taste buds!

To enjoy all the Breton know-how, Bretagne Autrement has selected some good addresses for you, and has created some very tasty visits and experiences: visit a cider factory, visit an oyster farm, taste freshly caught seafood, etc. Do you like to get off the beaten track and enjoy 100% local experiences? We offer you gourmet tours or meetings with craftsmen and producers for discoveries and tastings of local products!

Not to be missed:

  • Taste a delicious mussel and Chips facing the sea in Cancale
  • Visit the bay of Saint-Brieuc in Côtes d’Armor and taste its wonderful scallops
  • Refresh yourself by devouring the excellent strawberries of Plougastel in Finistère
  • And of course eat a galette-saucisse on market day in Rennes!

4. For Breton legends and fairy tales

Walking in the Forest of Broceliande
Forest of Broceliande

An ancestral land, Brittany is also the cradle of numerous legends passed down through oral tradition, and telling the stories of surprising creatures such as fairies, elves, korrigans… Much more than an outdoor escape, a holiday in Brittany is the promise of a journey to the land of the imagination! Here, each Breton land tells its own set of tales and legends. The mysterious alignments of megaliths, the fabulous rocks on the Pink Granite Coast, or the legend of King Arthur, Morgana and Merlin in the Broceliande forest. Whether you are small or big children, let the legends be told to you and go back to childhood with Bretagne Autrement!

5. For music festivals

Music festival in Brittany
Festival les Transmusicales in Rennes

Music-loving visitors will not be bored! In Brittany, festivals are numerous and are an integral part of local lifestyles. From marine festivals to pop festivals, the summer promises to be festive! Some of the best known are the Interceltic Festival in Lorient, the Vieilles Charrues in Carhaix, the Cornouailles Festival in Quimper, the Bout du Monde Festival in Crozon and the Route du Rock in Saint Malo.

So why not take advantage of your holidays in Brittany to dance until dawn to the rhythm of the binni, rock or electro music!

6. For a change of scenery with Breton customs and traditions

Brittany is the region of Bagads, Celtic circles, Bigoudens and traditional costumes! Traditions to which the Bretons are very attached! A holiday in Brittany is therefore an opportunity to discover local customs and to experience a real change of scenery.

Les Bigoudens

traditional Breton clothing
Traditional Breton costumes

Breton costumes and headdresses, which were only worn on special occasions, revealed a lot of information about wealth, geographical location, etc. Today, costumes are honoured at cultural events, such as traditional music festivals like the one in Cornouailles in Quimper (another good reason to experience a Breton festival!).

The Fest-Noz

In fact, you can’t leave Brittany without attending one of the famous musical events, a Fest-Noz! It was from 1960 onwards, with the revival of interest in traditional music and instruments, that these popular festivals became popular again. The fest-noz offer collective dances that bring together people of all generations, all in a cheerful and lively atmosphere! Since the end of the 1990s, new musicians have been offering “Breton pop” music, combining traditional music with other musical styles from all over the world. The fest-noz was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2012.

The Breton symbols

You have probably already seen the famous Breton flag, called “Gwenn ha du”. Traditionally, this flag is worn straight above the head. The ermine, the symbolic animal of the region, is represented on it. One of the favourite symbols and motifs of jewellery designers is undoubtedly the Triskell. Besides the flag, it is, along with the ermine, the most widespread symbol in Brittany. These branches are said to represent the three elements: water, fire and earth.

The Breton language

Did you know that? Brittany is one of the only regions to still have its own language, Breton! Although it is not widely spoken today, many associations have been set up to preserve this heritage. Schools offer Breton classes from primary school onwards. And to get started, take the road and read the signs, they are all translated into Breton!

And for a change of scenery during your holidays in Brittany, listen to Radiobreizh or France Bleu Armorique as you travel the roads of Brittany!

7. For its historical and cultural heritage

Visit of the castle of Fougères in Brittany in France
Castle of Fougere

During your tailor-made stay in Brittany, discover an exceptional heritage. At the heart of history, the Breton country tells its story through its old stones, as in the exceptional site of the parish enclosures near Morlaix: a Breton specificity and a unique architectural ensemble in the world!

Brittany is also a region where lords and kings have built remarkable buildings such as the famous fortress of Fougères! Today, the castles, manor houses and abbeys are no longer fortresses and are open to the public for visits full of unusual discoveries. The many museums in the region will also reveal the treasures of the past. History and heritage enthusiasts, discover our journey to the Time of the Dukes!

Visit also the magnificent gardens of Brittany for perfect moments of relaxation and escape. During your next holiday in Brittany, don’t miss the Thabor garden in Rennes, a must-see: its exceptionally rich botanical garden, its beautiful aviary and its magnificent rose garden await you.

8. To discover historical Brittany

Fountain place royale nantes
Royal place in Nantes

Historic Brittany is a region with 5 departments. In 1941, Brittany was amputated from the Loire-Atlantique by the Vichy government, when Rennes was elected capital of Brittany.

Despite this administrative detachment, the Loire-Atlantique remains a department that has been part of the history of Brittany for centuries. It is the department with the largest number of communes whose coats of arms bear Breton symbols, foremost among them the ermine. Many Breton traditions still exist, such as the language, fest-noz, gastronomy, etc. One of the emblematic monuments of Nantes, the castle of the Dukes of Brittany, bears witness to the Breton past of this department.

This is why Bretagne Autrement takes you to Loire-Atlantique to discover the city of Nantes, its castle, its famous machines of the island, its vineyards, and its near coast with the pretty city of Guérande and its salt marshes,… for unforgettable holidays in historical Brittany!

9. For its proximity to Normandy

Private walking tour at the Mont Saint Michel
Private hike in the bay of Mont Saint-Michel

A trip to Brittany often rhymes with a visit to Mont Saint Michel. Here there is no mistaking it, even if part of the bay is in Brittany, the wonder of the Orient is well and truly in Normandy. And this is not a problem, Bretagne Autrement is also the specialist for stays in Normandy! Take a private tour of Mont Saint Michel and its abbey, enjoy a private hike in the bay of Mont Saint Michel, stroll through the pages of Deauville, follow in the footsteps of the painters in Honfleur, cycle in the Pays d’Auge, go back in time on the D-Day landing beaches, etc. Bretagne Autrement organises for you unique and authentic experiences for a memorable holiday in Normandy.

10. For its weather (indeed!)

The Bay of Morlaix
Morlaix bay

Yes, in Brittany it’s sunny too!

The weather is an important element in the choice of your next holiday destination, and this is normal. While in the French imagination it rains non-stop in Brittany, if we believe the various meteorological studies, there is no doubt: Brittany is far from being the rainiest. Are we being lied to? Is the Breton climate actually rather mild? To verify this information, we invite you to come and see for yourself during your next holiday in Brittany! Kénavo!

For the organisation of your stay in Brittany, have you thought about using a local travel agency? Bretagne Autrement, a tailor-made travel agency, will organise your next holiday according to your wishes thanks to its knowledge of the region and its experience in the field. The personalisation of your stay is the guarantee of a successful summer holiday in Brittany!

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