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A stay in Southern Brittany allows you to discover impressive natural sites, a rich historical and cultural heritage, a tasty gastronomy…


At the End of the World


The Small See of Brittany


Nature and Legends


City of the Dukes of Brittany


And its salt marshes


One of the most beautiful bays in the world


Nature and Villages of Thatched Cottages

Cultural heritage & history of southern Brittany

During a tailor-made trip in Southern Brittany, discover the Château de Keriolet in Concarneau and the Garenne Lemot estate to go back in time and take a leap into Tuscany! We know the salt of Guérande, but the town also has ramparts around an imposing medieval city. During your personalised holiday in Southern Brittany, you can visit the castle of Oudon or the Cité de la voile Éric Tabarly in Lorient.

Gastronomy and specialities of southern Brittany

For a tailor-made trip in Southern Brittany, try the berlingot or the rigolette de Nantes. The chateaubriand is known far beyond the region, unlike the langouille made from pork tongues, but it is just as much worth a visit. The nearby ocean allows you to taste pink shrimps, also called “le Bouquet du Croisic”, sardines and anchovies from La Turballe. On the cheese side, try the Curé nantais before indulging in bottereaux and Nantais cakes. All this can be accompanied (in moderation) by Muscadet AOC, the white wine of the Nantes vineyards.

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Where to go in Southern Brittany?

Southern Brittany covers the territory from Quimper to Nantes in the Loire-Atlantique, via Vannes and Lorient in the Morbihan. Although the Loire-Atlantique is not administratively considered part of Brittany, it is historically and culturally attached to the Breton region. The Pays Nantais is, for example, one of the nine historical countries of Brittany.

The best destinations for a week's stay

Whether you want to visit southern Brittany for a weekend or a whole week, you will be able to find the tour that suits you best. Seven to eight days is still the ideal length of time to visit this region and take your time. The destinations we’ll be mentioning are all within a short distance, so you’ll be able to see as much as possible in a week. At the mouth of the Loire you will reach the Brière Natural Park, renowned for its wild landscapes, and also the gateway to Guerande and its salt marshes. Joining the small port town of Le Croisic will also allow you to discover the salt marshes of Guérande and the thatched cottage villages of Kerbourg and Kerhinet for a guaranteed change of scenery.

Of course, don’t forget to visit Nantes, its Galerie des Machines, the basket tree and other must-sees such as the Lu shop. With a tailor-made holiday in Southern Brittany, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to activities. Nantes is not for nothing the little fiancée of the French, who have long made it one of their favourite cities. Epicureans will not be outdone by the vineyards of Nantes along the Loire River. If you follow its course, you’ll soon be able to pair some oysters with your Muscadet! You can also discover the town of Pornichet, next to La Baule, with its sublime seafront, its villas from another time or admire the wild coastline from the coastal path of Le Pouliguen. The coastline has its share of coastal towns, from the authentic Turballe to the more chic Baule-Escoublac.

The must-sees of southern Brittany

During a holiday in Southern Brittany, let yourself be charmed by Quimper, the cultural capital of Brittany, renowned for its relationship with art and history. You can also take the time to stroll around the harbour of Lorient or enjoy the gentle way of life in Vannes, the famous fortified city. Its impressive 13th century ramparts are typical of this city. Southern Brittany is full of activities and places that reflect the uniqueness of this region, both historically and culturally. The forest of Broceliande (also known as the forest of Paimpont) is also a key destination, renowned for its mystical dimension and its role in the legends of King Arthur.

Whether you are a couple, a family or a group of friends, you will be able to find the ideal itinerary, thanks to the diversity of this region, to be discovered or rediscovered without further delay. In Finistère, the famous department of this region, you can visit Concarneau. Its famous walled town on the port is one of the most visited sites in the Breton region. Southern Brittany is also popular thanks to the Gulf of Morbihan, considered one of the most beautiful bays in France, and in the world. You can enjoy fresh sea food and water activities, such as windsurfing, typical of this area.

Southern Brittany is also...


films shot in the beautiful locations and landscapes of Brittany, including Armageddon!

(This is the town of Dinan).


is the number of tons of oysters! Brittany is the leading oyster producing region in France. 

On average, a Breton eats about 2 kg of oysters per year!  


centimetres! that’s the size of the biggest pancake in the world since 2015!

It is in Gourin in the centre of Brittany that the world’s largest pancake competition is organised every summer! 

Discover Southern Brittany with a tailor-made trip

For a holiday in Southern Brittany, create your tailor-made trip according to your desires, the essential stages, the desired rhythm… It’s you who decides! Your personalised trip in Southern Brittany will be exactly what you dreamed of. Whether it’s a weekend or a week’s stay, our travel ideas in Southern Brittany will inspire you.

A tailor-made trip will satisfy the desires of everyone, from 7 to 77 years old, while discovering the riches that the Breton region has to offer. Bretagne Autrement offers you the opportunity to discover the most famous places and activities, as well as the most hidden and atypical. To better understand and tame this surprising region, choose a tailor-made trip to Southern Brittany and enjoy a holiday rich in natural, local and cultural discoveries!

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The islands of Southern Brittany

Whether you want a relaxing break away from it all, or to enjoy the waves while surfing off the coast of southern Brittany, the islands of this region will satisfy all your desires. For surfing enthusiasts, the Glénan Archipelago is the ideal destination. For those looking for tranquillity, this charming archipelago will delight you with its walks along the sea and its typical flora.

Not far from there, the island of Houat, accessible from Vannes and located off Quiberon Bay, is also one of the jewels of southern Brittany. You can visit it on foot or by bike on its coastal paths, or visit its Eclosarium museum to learn more about the marine world.

Still in the same area, closer to Vannes, you can stay on the Île d’Arz or the Île aux Moines located in the Gulf of Morbihan. Here too, these islands stand out for their rich flora and their walks along the coast. To the west of the Île aux Moines is the Berder Island in Larmor-Baden. Although its access is limited and visitors can only visit its periphery, the boat cemetery and its chapel have retained their old-fashioned charm.

Finally, Belle-Île-en-Mer, off the coast of Vannes, is the largest island in southern Brittany. It is a paradise for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts thanks to its natural marine and land heritage. You can stroll along its beaches or walk its various trails, at your convenience. Its cultural activities are also varied: artistic workshops, visits to historic lighthouses or celebrations linked to singing and theatre. The islands of Southern Brittany are ideal for those who want a change of scenery, or for the more adventurous, a thrill. They allow everyone to plan a tailor-made holiday, at any age and for all profiles.

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