Our values

Our Values

An eco-friendly travel agency in Brittany and Normandy

A professional travel designer, Bretagne Autrement is also and above all an eco-friendly travel agency in Brittany and Normandy, for whom the preservation of the environment and the respect of local populations are as important as the satisfaction of our clients.

Our mission:
To design a tailor-made trip to offer a unique experience to our clients.

Our duty:
To do our best to limit negative effects and create positive effects with committed partners, for a greener, more responsible and fairer tourism!

Bretagne Autrement is labelled Fair Tourism !

Bretagne Autrement obtained the Fair tourism label in June 2022. This label’s mission is to bring out, support, structure and promote tourism players in order to develop a fair tourism offer in Brittany.

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Our values and commitments

In order to contribute to a reasoned tourism, Bretagne Autrement adheres to the charter of fair and solidarity tourism produced by the ATES (Association for Fair and Solidarity Tourism), and is committed to:

1. Promote and support local

  • By promoting local purchasing with partners rooted in their territory.
  • By developing our offer in the off-season to perpetuate the tourist activity and jobs.

2. Preserving our territory

  • By advising alternatives to overcrowded places
  • By making our travellers aware of the fragility of ecosystems through nature experiences guided by experts who are passionate about their territory
  • By selecting partners with an eco-responsible approach
  • By favouring small group or private visits to minimise the impact of our activity on the environment

3. Selecting committed partners

  • Our local guides: passionate about their territory, they are keen to share their knowledge, but they also pursue the objective of environmental awareness and education when the visit lends itself to it.
  • Our hotels and accomodation: they are in contact with local producers, favour home-made products and limit their impact on the environment as much as possible.

4. Showing solidarity with our partners

  • By paying them a fair price so that they can all make a living from their activity.
  • By listening to them and adjusting our offer if necessary.
  • By applying to ourselves what we recommend to others.

Help us protect our amazing planet!

Everyone can take small steps while traveling to limit the impact of tourism. It’s easy and it can make a difference!

Who says travel says displacement. On each stage of your trip, when possible, why not use public transport? Save time, less stress, and eco-friendly! this is also responsible travel!

Water is precious. Prefer the shower to the bath, avoid letting the water run, and prefer to drink drinking water from the tap using a water bottle.

The ecosystem is fragile. Help us preserve it by staying on the marked paths. If you see beautiful plants or flowers, let them flourish in their natural environment!

In Brittany and Normandy too, there are garbage cans! When you enjoy your picnic in front of a magnificent landscape, remember not to leave anything behind.

It’s the end of your stay and you want to bring back souvenirs. Prefer the local producer: in addition to offering you quality products, he or she will surely share his·her know-how and story with you. A great experience in perspective!